Medical Neglect

Another Call & Fax-in for Seth Hayes

In 1973, without warning, the NYPD opened fire on Robert Seth Hayes, his wife and children in their apartment! Seth fired back in self-defense for his family and has been in prison for this non-crime over 41 years. Currently Seth suffers from poorly-controlled Hepatitis C and Type II diabetes. He has had serious episodes of […]

Updated Action Alert for Jamil Al-Amin

UPDATE: As previously reported, political prisoner Imam Jamil Al Amin (AKA H. Rap Brown) is in medical crisis. Note the petition and letter from his wife, Sister Karima Al Amin, Esq. below with an update on his condition and numbers to call. Also listen to interview with Sis Karima and Ramsey Clark on WBAI’s Law […]

Jamil Al-Amin’s Declining Health – urgent response needed

Sister Karima Al-Amin recently visited with Imam Jamil Al-Amin and reports that his health is declining.  Urgently need all supporters to contact the office of the Governor of Georgia Nathan Deal at (404) 656-1776 and request that Imam Al-Amin (H.Rap Brown) be transferred to a medical facility for humanitarian and health reasons.  If we fail at anything […]


From Jericho: PP/POW Abdullah Majid is in need of our help. Months ago we reported that he was experiencing excruciating pain from an attack of sciatica. He was scheduled to have back surgery in October of 2013, and was instructed to stop taking the ibuprofen medication he was using to alleviate some of the pain. […]

Update: Seth Hayes 3/2/14

Progress seen on medical front. On February 20th, Seth was seen by a dentist for general cleaning, which was then delayed due to his mouth infection. Upon arriving and being examined, the Dr. noted that the infection was worse then when last seen (which he lightly treated lightly and gave little to no concern about). […]

12/12/13: Urgent Campaign for Robert Seth Hayes, #74-A-2280

UPDATED campaign for Thursday 12/12 & Friday 12/13: Robert Seth Hayes is one of the longest held political prisoners in the US. He is being held at Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, NY. He is very sick and needs your help.  Mr. Hayes suffers from diabetes mellitis, as well as hepatitis C. He has lost […]

Update on Abdul Majid: Pain Management Support Needed

According to supporters: Abdul Majid is scheduled to get surgery sometime this month, after 6 months of dealing with sciatica. Obviously, the surgery is still risky, so there is a final push to get him information on what he can do to alleviate the pain, and it is encouraged for others to contribute. He has […]

Update: Abdul Majid

According to his mother, Ms. LaBorde, who spoke with him 11-1-13: He can hardly walk, and CANNOT climb stairs. Because of this, he is unable to get to the visiting room, and cannot receive visitors. He was given a cane that is too small for him, which requires him to bend over awkwardly to use […]