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To share information, resources, support or to schedule an interview, please contact us at abcmedicaljustice[at]riseup[dot]net or jerichoDC1492[at]gmail[dot]com
Thank you for your help & support, and thank you for taking a stand to end torture in US prisons.


One of the primary ways political prisoner supporters and activists can get involved is by becoming a medical advocate for a particular prisoner.  We are in the process of making sure that each political prisoner in the US has a medical advocate who:

  • Regularly checks in with patient regarding health care needs
  • Communicates medical needs of patient to medical team
  • Gathers information/medical records requested by health care provider/medical committee
  • Acts as a liaison between volunteer health care provider, medical team, and patient/patient’s family


We also have campaign coordinators who:

  • Understands hierarchical system within Federal and State medical systems and where to exert pressure given medical
  • Assists in coordinating medical campaigns within state and federal prison systems
  • Facilitates medical review of campaigns written by local chapters by health care provider from medical team

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