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Abdul Majid

Abdul Majid #83-A-0483
Five Points Correctional Facility
6600 State Route 96
Caller Box 400
Romulus, NY 14541

As of summer 2013, Black Liberation Army / Republic of New Afrika POW Abdul is suffering from pressure on his sciatic nerve and is rendered unable to walk. After a week in this condition, he still had not been seen by a doctor, despite following the “sick call” procedure and all other necessary steps to get medical attention. After a call-in campaign, he was seen by a doctor, and has an MRI of his spine in August confirming the presence of spinal herniations and stenosis.

As of 11/01/2013, he could still hardly walk, and couldn’t climb stairs. Because of this, he was unable to get to the visiting room, and cannot receive visitors. He was given a cane too small for him, which required him to bend over awkwardly to use it and thereby worse his pain/condition. Adjustable canes are “not allowed.” He is supposed to get an operation “sometime this month,” but we don’t know when. He couldn’t call his mom as much because walking to the phone is difficult, given his condition.

As of December 2013, Abdul had yet to receive the surgery he needs or any physical therapy.  Outside supporters have mailed in information on physical therapy in an attempt to provide temporary relief, but it is clear that the lack of medical attention he is receiving for this serious condition is unacceptable.

It wasn’t until May of 2014 that Abdul finally received the surgery that supporters had long been calling for.  Between the physical therapy recommended by outside supporters and the surgery we were able to advocate for Abdul is now free of pain.

In January of 2015, Abdul is scheduled to have a parole hearing.  In addition to his health condition and status as an aging prisoner, he meets all of the standards for release on parole.

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