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Compassionate Release

Compassionate release campaigns are in order when a prisoner is eligible for release due to medical illness, advanced age, death or incapacitation of the caregiver of the prisoner’s child, the spouse or partner of the prisoner has become incapacitated.  Notably, BOP requires prisoners to be within 12 months of death or profoundly and irrevocably incapacitated to be eligible for compassionate release consideration. It does not make motions to the courts on non-medical grounds, even though Congress does not prohibit this.  See the BOP’s Procedures for Implementation document for more information.
Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) has compiled information showing the necessity of reforming the way compassionate release is currently implemented.  For instance, compassionate release requests are not handled in a timely fashion: 13% of prisoners waiting for final approval of their compassionate release requests died before the BOP could approve them.  This is a violation of basic human rights and needs to be remedied.

Current Compassionate Release Campaigns:

Lynne Stewart


Former Compassionate Release Campaigns:

Marilyn Buck: released only weeks before she died of cancer.*

Herman Wallace: released only days before he dies of liver cancer.*

*While it is important that these individuals were able to die outside of prison confinement, it is unacceptable that they were not released in a timely fashion.

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