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Update: Seth Hayes 3/2/14

Progress seen on medical front. On February 20th, Seth was seen by a dentist for general cleaning, which was then delayed due to his mouth infection. Upon arriving and being examined, the Dr. noted that the infection was worse then when last seen (which he lightly treated lightly and gave little to no concern about). Hence, he immediately called for Seth to be seen by an oral specialist. The very next day Seth was told he merely awaits to be scheduled an he’ll be out there getting seen and treated!

Meanwhile his sugar levels lacking control, still remains an issue. Steps to treat this seem to have fallen, but seeing the DOCCS move this quickly on this new issue (mouth infection) assures him that further steps are being assessed and moved on. He recently had blood and urine samples taken, to do a full blood sugar work up. Let’s see what takes place now.

“Naturally it’s all due to the efforts of you, me, and so many others. Chin Up! Fist Up! We be moving.”

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